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White Street Substation

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Project Type:

New Construction

Project Description:

New Substation consisting of 69 kV 4-breaker ring bus substation with two transmission lines, two 69-13.8 kV 40 MVA power transformers; 6- 13.8 kV feeder Switchgear in outdoor climate controlled and weatherized enclosure; and two 7500 kVAR capacitor banks. Duties included ground resistance study and design; equipment selection and specifications, preparation of bill of materials, relay coordination study; relay settings; 69 kV underground getaway design including cable selection, schedule of materials, calculations and field erection drawings. 13.8 kV underground main feed from transformer to switchgear including cable selection, schedule of materials, conduit schedule and calculations. All field remote cable schedules for AC and DC circuits as well as current transformer connections. Site lighting and temporary 69 kV and 13.8 kV installations. 

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