Gartek Engineering Corporation has been providing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services for over 30 years...

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Gartek Engineering Corporation can provide the highest quality design of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems, Plumbing System, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems, Electrical and Electronic Systems to ensure the success of your project. Whatever your project needs - analysis, renovation, addition or new construction - Gartek possess the experience to meet your design needs.



Mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical engineering are provided by a highly qualified team that can merge client needs with efficient design.

engineers can address complex issues involving all HVAC systems in the market including: central energy plants, ice storage systems, pre-conditioned air, packaged air and water cooled systems, and split dx and unitary systems, smoke control, energy conservation, heat pipe and desiccant humidity control systems, refrigerant retrofit, indoor air quality laminar flow, low and high velocity systems, life cycle analysis and code compliance issues.

Our plumbing engineers expertise includes: sanitary, grease, acid and oil waste, biological rotary and aerobic packaged sewage treatment plants; domestic water, booster pump systems, central hot water systems, solar water heating; storm drainage, and fueling systems. Gartek Engineering can satisfy your HVAC and plumbing requirements.

Gartek’s staff is ready to design the fire protection system for your project. Whether the requirement is for a wet or dry pipe system, pre-action or clean agent, deluge or foam deluge, or simply standpipe Gartek can provide fire protection solutions.

Building electrical systems demand a thorough knowledge of safety and code issues, as well as sensitivity to the human senses and the architectural statement of the facility. Engineers at Gartek combine engineering skills with the latest technology in illumination design to mimic results created by diverse luminaries’ selection, optics and placement.

Safety issues involving fire alarm, security, voice notification, and emergency power and lighting requirements are incorporated into design by one engineer and checked by another to eradicate weaknesses. Our expertise in power generation, transmission, and distribution in low, medium, and high voltages will provide proven engineering solutions in projects of varied complexity. Specialty software used for short circuit and coordination studies, expertise in design of complex grounding systems at substations and power plants, and familiarity with state of the art relay protection schemes give Gartek's engineers an edge in the electric utility sector.

Whatever your electrical requirements, Gartek Engineering can provide electrical design solutions. Whatever your needs, Gartek's staff is uniquely qualified to partner with you in developing master plans, prepare feasibility studies and design the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems for your projects.

Selected Clients

Miami-Dade Aviation Department
Miami, Florida

School Board of Broward County
Broward, Florida

Department of Military Affairs
State of Florida

City of Fort Lauderdale CIP
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida

Miami-Dade County Housing Authority
Miami, Florida

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Public Health Trust

Miami, Florida

Florida Board of Regents
Tallahassee, Florida

Department of Public Works
City of Miami

Purchasing Department
Procurement Division

City of Miami

Miami-Dade County
Public Schools

Miami, Florida

Palm Beach County
Palm Beach, Florida

Miami-Dade County
Public Works Department

Miami, Florida

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Miami, Florida

Miami-Dade County
Park & Recreation Department

Miami, Florida

Florida International University
Miami, Florida

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Broward County: 730 East Prospect Road #100 ▪ Oakland Park ▪ Florida 33334 ▪ Phone 954-404-8100

Palm Beach County: 4723 W. Atlantic Ave. ▪ Suite A18 ▪ Delray Beach, Florida 33445 ▪ Phone (561) 637-8909 ▪ Fax (561) 637-8959