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Our electrical experience encompasses: electrical power and lighting design; lightning and fire alarm protection; distribution design in low, medium and high voltages; voice and data systems; sound/intercom, security, CATV and MATV systems. As part of our Electrical Engineering Design the firm has been involved in comprehensive electrical safety evaluations, design associated with emerging generators and large UPS systems. Please see our Project Gallery for more...


Electrical Distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electricity to end users. A distribution system's network carries electricity from the transmission system and delivers it to consumers. Typically, the network would include high voltage electric transmission (110kV or above) which is the bulk transfer of electrical energy from generating power plants to substations; medium-voltage (less than 50kV) power lines, electrical substations and pole-mounted transformers; low-voltage (less than 1kV) distribution wiring and sometimes electricity meters. Gartek offers solid experience in electrical power distribution design in low, medium and high voltages to 230kV.

Generation & Transmission

Electricity has been generated at central stations since 1881. Our experience in this field is derived from contracts with Florida Power & Light Co., International Power Systems, Inc., Asea Brown-Boveri, and others. Design in this specialized field requires familiarity with relay protection schemes, expertise in the preparation of short circuit and coordination studies, and knowledge of state of the art equipment and devices currently available in the market. Intimacy with protection philosophies and redundancy requirements are paramount if designs are to carry the desired reliability.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design brings solid technical skill and sensitive design technique to architectural and landscape projects. Light is invisible until it collides with an object or surface. Ability and experience creates patterns of illumination that flawless support overall project goals. At Gartek, our team of highly qualified professionals possess the ability and experience necessary to meet your design needs.

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Lightning Protection System provides a means by which lightning discharge may enter or leave earth without passing through and damaging non-conducting parts of a structure. A lightning protection system does not prevent lightning from striking; it provides a means for controlling it and preventing damage by providing a low resistance path for the discharge of lightning energy. A diminution of its consequences together with incremental safety improvements, can be obtained by the use of a holistic or systematic hazard mitigation approach. Gartek engineers, being familiarized with different methods of mitigation approach, will strive to meet the best possible lightning protection design for your project.

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